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Logan’s Run Trucking PROJECT DETAILS​

Recently, Logan’s Run Trucking and Parlor Web collaborated to create a brand-new website for their business. A modest, family-run trucking business, Logan’s Run Trucking is headquartered in a rural area of the United States. They need a cutting-edge website that would enable them to promote their offerings and draw in new clients.

In order to comprehend their goals and create a website that would successfully reflect their brand, the team at Parlor Web Design worked closely with the proprietors of Logan’s Run Trucking. To better understand the transportation business and the intended clientele for Logan’s Run Trucking’s services, they began by performing market research.

Using the findings from this study, Parlor Web Design produced a slick, expert website that showcased the services provided by Logan’s Run Trucking as well as the qualifications and experience of their staff. Along with a form for prospective clients to obtain quotations for their services, they also added an interactive map displaying the areas that the business covers.

In only a few short weeks, the new website was released, and the outcomes have been outstanding. The number of new clients and internet traffic have both increased for Logan’s Run Trucking. The business’s proprietors have stated that they are overjoyed with the new website and the beneficial effects it has had on their operations.

The collaboration between Parlor Web and Logan’s Run Trucking was successful all around. The Parlor Web team was able to develop a polished and functional website that has assisted in generating new business for the trucking firm.