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McMinnville, Oregon, serves as the study area for this research. This city presents a diverse urban landscape encompassing various land use types, including residential, commercial, industrial, and public spaces. Understanding how homelessness intersects with these different land uses, as well as its proximity to essential resources like schools and shelters, can provide valuable insights into the spatial dynamics of homelessness in a mid-sized urban setting like McMinnville.

I utilized Survey123 to gather data on homelessness in McMinnville, Oregon. This tool allowed me to collect information on the location, types of homelessness (RV, Car, Tent, Sleeping in Elements, Begging), and the severity of each instance. Survey123’s mobile-friendly interface enabled me to capture photos on-site, providing visual documentation of the conditions. This data collection method streamlined the process and provided valuable insights for our analysis of homelessness in the community.

With these analyses, I aimed to uncover insights into the spatial distribution of homelessness in McMinnville, Oregon. My findings suggested correlations between homeless sightings and specific land use types, notably commercial or industrial areas, as well as their proximity to schools and shelters. I identified hotspots indicating dense homeless populations, which directed attention toward areas requiring targeted intervention. Additionally, I noted variations in the types of homeless accommodations, including RVs and tents. It’s essential to acknowledge that the data may have been influenced by the mobility of homeless individuals and potential instances of double-indexed data, which may have impacted accuracy. Nonetheless, these discoveries provided valuable guidance for addressing homelessness in the city.