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GIS / Surveying

Mapping the Future with Precision and Expertise

Welcome to the intersection of precision and innovation in GIS and Surveying. As an emerging professional in this dynamic field, I’m deeply engaged in expanding my expertise in GIS analysis and developing my skills in land surveying under expert mentorship. My approach is rooted in a commitment to learning, a passion for geospatial technology, and a dedication to evolving alongside this ever-changing discipline.


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GIS Analysis 80%
Land Surveying 52%
Drone Mapping Integration 85%
Data Analysis & Visualization 90%

Recent GIS / Surveying Projects

In my recent GIS and surveying projects, I’ve applied my growing expertise to a range of challenges, from precise land measurements to advanced spatial analysis. These projects showcase my ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, delivering meaningful results in geospatial data management and visualization.


MTB Trails

Local MTB Trails

Yamhill Historic Land Claims

Historic Land Donations



What I Bring to the Table

I bring to GIS and Surveying a fresh blend of foundational knowledge and hands-on experience, underscored by a commitment to continuous learning. With a focus on integrating emerging technologies and a passion for innovation, I offer valuable insights and solutions in this dynamic field.

Cutting-Edge GIS Solutions

Tony Mode GIS Solutions

Leveraging tools like ArcGIS and AutoCAD, I specialize in creating detailed maps and conducting spatial analyses. My work is instrumental in various applications, from environmental management to urban planning.

Land Surveying Skills

Emerging Land Surveying Skills​

As an apprentice in land surveying, I’m gaining hands-on experience in precise measurements and methodologies. My journey towards becoming a licensed surveyor is guided by seasoned professionals, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every task.

Drone Mapping Integration

Tony Mode Drone Mapping Integration​

Merging traditional surveying techniques with modern drone technology, I provide unique perspectives through aerial imaging and mapping. This innovative approach enhances data collection, offering a comprehensive view for geospatial analysis.

Analysis & Visualization

Tony mode Data Analysis & Visualization

I excel in transforming complex geospatial data into meaningful insights. My focus is on delivering clear and impactful visualizations, making information accessible and actionable with real-world applications and solutions.

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