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Surveying by land or air & Digital GIS Mapping Services

Welcome to the crossroads of innovation and exploration! I’m Tony Mode, a seasoned web developer with over two decades of experience, now venturing into the dynamic realms of GIS, Surveying, and UAS. Here, technology meets terrain, where my passion for digital landscapes transforms into real-world solutions. Dive into my world where maps, drones, and codes create new pathways for understanding our planet.

Attention to detail

I bring precision to every project, ensuring every detail is meticulously handled for quality results.


Consistently reliable, I deliver accurate and timely outcomes in all my professional endeavors.

Years of Experience
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Clients Serviced
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professional Services I offer & My career goals

As a professional offering specialized services in web development, GIS mapping, and UAS, I am committed to delivering high-quality, tailored solutions. My expertise encompasses building dynamic websites, conducting detailed geographical analysis, and leveraging drone technology for advanced data collection. My career goal is to continually innovate at the intersection of these fields, staying at the forefront of technological advancements and expanding my skills to meet the evolving demands of the industry.


I approach challenges with innovative solutions, blending technology and creativity to tackle complex problems effectively.


Adaptable in a fast-paced world, I smoothly transition between diverse projects, continually expanding my skills to meet evolving demands.

Wonderful to work with! Tony was very creative with designing our website. He was incredibly responsive and helpful with any questions we have had along the way. Definitely recommend!


Web Developer & GIS Specialist: Diverse Expertise

With over 16+ years of experience in web development, I bring a rich skill set in web design, development, and client management. My proficiency extends to GIS and geospatial analysis, with a solid grounding in ArcGIS and AutoCAD. Additionally, my skills in drone operation are enhanced by my UAS certification. I also excel in project management, balancing technical expertise with strong team and client relationship skills. These diverse capabilities make me a versatile and dynamic professional in both tech and geospatial domains.

My Skill

Web Development and Design 85%
GIS and Geospatial Analysis 75%
UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Operation and Analysis 70%
Project Management and Client Relations 90%
Tony Mode UAS Surveying

Recent Projects

My latest project blends aerial surveying with web design, delivering detailed geospatial insights through a custom-built website. For a glimpse into my diverse services in web development and drone technology, please view my services.

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